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In Japan, 40 years in business has taught us many things.
Through the years, we have carefully curated an extensive working library, of the most popular colours and embossing patterns, continually being improved and updated with the newest trends, in colour, patterns, and technology.
If we cannot find the colour patterns which meet your needs, we will happily work with you to create your working vision.

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Marbret SSpecifications


Marbret S is made to withstand cracking and chipping, and has excellent durability. The colour is highly resistant to stripping and it is also extremely water resistant.

Flexibility of Design

We provide a variety of finishes such as solid colour, wood grain, abstract patterns, as well as a metallic finish. Different combinations of edge banding increase design options.

Enhanced Safety

“R” finish or “round” finish on the trimming surface can be applied to increase safety. It has been applied with ongoing success to the medical field as well as in educational settings.


Woodgrains have always been flagship offerings by Panefri. We take pride in creating a smooth transition from the surface product to our edge banding, including surfaces with marbled tones. These edgebands have a “grain through” effect, and show the lines of the woodgrain even after trimming. Our superior production techniques allow us to make this finish available on woodgrains, abstract tones, stone finishes, and many more.

Woodgrain – Kiplus

Our top-of-the-line woodgrain series offers an even more natural look and texture in smooth and embossed finishes. The embossed finish creates a sophisticated woodgrain that almost mirrors the surface product.

Solid Colours

We offer a variety of solid colour options from metallic, pastel, two-tone, stone to many more, that enhance the value of the matching surface product.

Dual Colour Edgeband

Our acrylic dual colour edgeband can be matched in both solid colours as well as woodgrains and stone finishes to create a unique and sophisticated look.


Three-layer design of surface material Colour and lumbar-core.The surface material Colour can be changed.

Grain-through technology

We offer some of our products with a “grain through” finish which creates a seamless transition, and takes the project another step closer to a monolithic appearance.

The New Possibilities

We strive to give all of our customers exactly what you want. We offer different degrees of gloss finishes, a super matte finish and realistic woodgrains to match your every need. We love to challenge ourselves with new possibilities and exciting finishes never seen before.

Texture sample – Embossed

40 years in the business in Japan has taught us many things, and we have an extensive library of the most popular embossing patterns.

If our patterns don’t match your needs, we will work with you to get the pattern you need.









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