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This Door protection guard is designed to prevent toes being trapped in the opening and closing doors and ideal for health care facilities and kindergartens. Installing this protection guard onto the bottom of the door can prevent stubbed toes, light leakage, and airtightness.


  • The entire door frame can be covered with a resin-made protection guard.
  • The protection guard can be applied to the whole frame and does not ruin the look or design of the door.
  • The lock hole processing can be performed with the protection guard attached.
  • Attaching this protection guard onto the bottom of the door can prevent stubbed toes, light leakage, and airtightness.


Width 38.4mm(Mounted 36.4mm)
Length 2100mm
Colour Light brown / Medium brown / Dark brown
Material ABS resin
Sales unit 1 piece / 20 pieces
Delivery lead time 2-5 business days
Cancellation We do not accept any cancelation after the order is placed.
Returns/Changes We do not accept any returns or exchanges.

How to apply

  1. Apply rubber-based adhesive to the doorframe.
  2. After the glue dries, peel off the backing paper from the double-sided tape and apply it while firmly pressing down on the entire surface.
  3. When using screws or tackers, turn up the soft parts on both sides before tapping them in.

※Please use a resin cutter or similar tool for cutting this product.

How to make a keyhole with lock processing machine

  1. Slide and set a timer (30-32mm width x 18mm length) in from the edge.
    *Apply silicone lubricant to the timber for smooth sliding.
  2. Place a 1mm to 3 mm thick panel on the bottom of the door. Input the numerical values considering the thickness of the plate and the height of the timber, and then perform a hole processing from the top of the timber.
  3. It looks like a two-step digging. Remove the timber.
  4. Form the corners of the hole into the right angles by using a chisel. Use an air compressor to remove the wood chips.
  5. Turn up the soft part on both sides and install the keyhole fittings.

(Note) Please do not put a load on the soft parts when packing. It may deform under pressure and cause the shape collapse.

How to install?

With the double-sided adhesive tape, it is easy to install by applying rubber paste to the door frame. If you want to make it stronger, you can use the pin tucker to fix it firmly after turning up both sides of the soft part.

Can the keyhole processing be done?

Yes. Use a timber as batten and drill a hole from the top. (For details, please refer to “How to make a keyhole with lock processing machine”)

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