Panefri Industrial Co., Ltd. develops, manufactures and sells plastic construction components, furniture-use materials and edgebanding, plastic health care products and natural-oriented gardening products.
In these business activities, we promote the following activities to contribute to the improvement of the global environment.

1Promote environmental improvement activities through an environmental management system that complies with ISO 14001.

2We recognize the environmental aspects of our business activities and products at all our offices and factories, continuously improve our environmental management system and environmental performance, and strive to prevent environmental pollution and protect the environment.

3We shall comply with all applicable environmental laws, regulations and ecological promises made to our customers, communities and governments.

4Among the environmental aspects of our business activities and products, we will focus on the following.

1Consideration for Environmental Issues in Sales Activities.

  • Propose and promote environmentally-friendly products.
  • Propose and promote recycling of environmentally-hazardous substances.

2Consideration of Environmental Issues at the Product Development and Design Stage.

  • We will continue to focus on commercialization and search for themes that match the needs of the market.
  • Reduce environmentally hazardous chemical substances.

3Consideration for Environmental Issues in Production Activities.

  • Reduce our waste and improve in recycling.
  • Reduce Emissions of Environmentally Hazardous Chemical Substances.
  • Carry out the manufacturing with the awareness of efficiency.(raw materials and resources)
  • Reduce the Impact on the Local Environment.