Conturo KA 65 / FESTOOL

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Compact edge bander machine "CONTURO" that achieves a perfect finish, straight and curved surfaces, radial and convex shapes and the edges of the interior corners can be easily applied. Compared to edge bander machines, the investment cost is lower; application time is quicker; you can achieve the beautiful finish with easy application. It is ideal for small batches and can be used for applying the Marblet S.


  • Easy and efficient application processes
    The unique cartridge gluing system allows for quick colour changes of adhesives. The heating time of the adhesive cartridge is about 8 minutes. The body can be kept at a low temperature, and there is no risk of burns.
  • Flexible temperature control
    Easy to set the melting temperature in two ways: 190°C and 200°C. Any temperature setting between 100°C and 210°C is also available.
  • Simple and clear display
    The display shows the information on the amount of adhesive, length of gluing, speed and actual temperature, allowing for precise adjustments.
  • Excellent performance
    Easy to see the surface and ensure that the adhesive roller performs the secure bounding.
  • Adjustable Feed Speed
    The two feed speeds can be easily adjusted by the handle, fast on a straight line, slow on a curved surface or in a narrow space.
  • Easy handling of adhesives
    The adhesive dissolves as needed and will not boil, discolour or deteriorate. Also, it has a nozzle system and easy to clean.


Power consumption 1200W
Power supply 200V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Edge Hight 18-65mm (depends on the material)
Edge thickness 0.5-3.0mm (depends on the material)
Inner radius >50mm (depends on the material)
Melting temperature approx.8min
Melting temperature setting setting 1:190℃
setting 2:200℃
Melting temperature range 100-210℃
Feed speed  phases 1,2 :2 / 4 m/min
Safety class I
(not include glue cartridge and cable )
7.9 kg
Standard Accessories Edgebander KA 65 Plus(574605)、Glue cartridge natural 4  cartridges、tranformer AG-1500M(EF0065)、Edge banding reel(499479)、Additional Roller(499480)、Edge banding trimmer(499896)、Scraper(499749)、Plastic slip Plate(499892)、Scratch Protector(499893)、Felt pads 80×133 3 pack、polishing felt 80×133 5 pack、Hand-sanding paper BR2 P320 80×133 20 pack、Hand-sanding block 80×133(496967)、Sanding cloth S800 80×133 5枚、Polishing compound MPA6000(492424)、Systener with SYS-4 T-LOC
Manufacturing Germany
Delivery time approx. 3 months
Cancellation We do not accept any cancelation after the order is placed.
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