Basic policy

Panefri Industrial Co., Ltd. is promoting compliance management by working on further enhancement of the compliance system as one of the most important management issues.
Based on this philosophy, we will endeavor to prevent unauthorized use by appropriately responding to proper operation and management in the handling of publicly offered competitive funds centered on competitive funds.

Management system

In order to properly manage competitive funds, we will appoint the following managers.

  • CEO

The president and representative director is in charge of controlling the entire company and taking ultimate responsibility for the operation and management of competitive funds.

  • General Manager

The general affairs president’s office manager is in charge of assisting the chief management officer and having the actual responsibility and authority to supervise the entire company in the operation and management of competitive funds.

  • Compliance promotion manager

Each project manager is in charge of the person who has substantial responsibility and authority for the operation and management of competitive funds in each department.

First edition: October 24, 2017
Panefri Industrial Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and President Tetsuhide Fujita

Unauthorized consultation / reporting window

We will set up a consultation or reporting window for unauthorized use of competitive funds, etc. as follows.

Panefri Industrial Co., Ltd. General Affairs President’s Office
Location: 2-11 Ichirizuka, Nagaokakyo City, Kyoto Prefecture
Phone number: 075-955-5724
For inquiries by E-mail,please use this form.