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This plastic tape with adhesive backing makes it easy to open and close Shoji and Fusuma (sliding doors) by simply attaching it to the tracks.


  • It makes it easier to Shoji and Fusuma (slide doors) that have become smoothly, just by attaching it to the tracks.
  • Prevent the tracks from damaging to wear and tear and extend the life of the track.
  • This is adhesive tape and easy to install on the track.
  • The wood-grained design matches the wooden tracks.
  • It is recommended for spring cleaning, year-end cleaning and before New Year's and Summer Vacation when relatives gather.


Width 18mm / 21mm
Colour Woodgrain
Sales uit 3.8m roll / 5.8m roll / 8.0m roll / 20m roll
Material Polyethylene double-sided adhesive tapes
Delivery lead time 2-5 business days
Cancellation We do not accept any cancelation after the order is placed.
Returns/Changes We do not accept any returns or exchanges.


  • This product is for interior door use only, and is not suitable for exterior door use, such as for storm doors and entrance gutters and patio doors.
  • Please be careful not to get injured by peeling, thorns, or rustling in the wooden tracks.
  • When removing old non-friction tape, use warm air from a hairdryer to soften the adhesive surface, making it easier to remove. Carefully remove the adhesive as little as possible so that no adhesive remains in the track.

How to apply

  1. Remove all debris or dirt from the track. Wipe off any existing wax or sawdust with benzine.
  2. Allow the track to dry thoroughly, as any moisture left will weaken its adhesion.
  3. Sand to make the track flat, if it is uneven.
  4. Attach the non-friction tap while peeling off the backing paper and pressing down on it with your fingers.

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