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 Ideal for eliminating static electricity in factories and workplaces. This code can quickly and safely get rid of static electricity.


  • Lower the charge from 5 to 30 kv to about 0 to 3 kv at super speed in seconds.
  • Eliminate static electricity after the roller and before winding, such as in film production and printing process.
  • Remove electricity without contacting the film or printing surface.
  • No power source, machinery or equipment, required.
  • a low cost by simply installing a cord.


Size Diameter 2mm✕10m
Material Outer:Stainless Steel/Polyester Fiber
Core: :Natural Rubber
Delivery lead time 2-5 business days
Cancellation We do not accept any cancelation after the order is placed.
Returns/Changes We do not accept any returns or exchanges.
  1. Install the cord in the vicinity of 5 to 20 mm from the film in a non-contact zone.
  2. Effective to install several cords after a roller because electrostatic charge tends to develop after the roller.
  3. Prevent powder materials from sticking to the inside by winding around the houses and transfer tubes

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