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Flange Support is metal fittings to fix composite panels to the side panels to adjust the height.


  • Easy to install on the side panels of a light truck.
  • The metal fittings are made of iron and very strong. Fixing to the flanges of the side panels to increase the height to about 90cm. It prevents the cargo from overhanging from the bed and prevents the goods and shipments from falling, allowing you to load securely.
  • By installing the composite panels, it can increase the height of side panels by about three times. You can save your time and shortens the work time by eliminating the need to make multiple trips.
  • Just fix the metal fittings with screws. When not in use, you can remove the composite panels to keep the cargo bed neat and clean.

Product Specification

Convenient to use when transporting followings
  • Wood and scrap wood
  • Fertilizer and crops
  • Plowed snow
  • Plants pruned, branches and weeds
  • Moving goods
Composite panel (Thickness) 12mm
Material Iron
Quantity 2 bags (1 set)
※Fittings only (Composite panels not included)
Delivery lead time 2-5 business days
Cancellation We do not accept any cancelation after the order is placed.
Returns/Changes We do not accept any returns or exchanges.


  • drive safely by observing the load capacity and speed limit.
  • Secure the load with ropes to prevent it from tipping and falling.
  • Please do not modify this product or use parts other than those supplied.
  • Make sure to tighten the fittings before and after driving.
    Any loose fittings may cause the load to fall out of the vehicle or unexpected accidents.
  •  We are not responsible for any accidents, damage or paint peeling off the vehicle caused by this falling off the load.
  • Please be sure to read and understand the precautions stated on the package, and use the product only as directed.
  1. Place the small metal fitting (B) against the flange and adjust the height of the large metal fitting (A) so that the positions of the bolt holes are aligned.
    (At this point, it is not yet bolted in place.)
  2. After deciding the height of the large metal fitting (A), mark the positions of the two screw holes with a pencil or marker.
  3. Fasten the large metal fitting (A) to the composite panel with screws (E). (Use a Plus screwdriver or electric screwdriver.)
  4. Attach the spring washer (F) to the bolt (C) and insert the bolt into the large metal fitting (A) from the cargo bedside.
  5. Fit the small metal fitting (B) to the flange and fix the two metal fittings, (A) and (B), firmly in place with a wing nut (D).
  6. Take the same steps for another three positions. You need to fasten four places in the composition panels, the front right & left, and back right & left, by following the same procedure. (Please make sure that fittings are not loose after loading the goods.)