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  2. Cancellation:We do not accept any cancelation after the order is placed.
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Care Plus Neo is a decorative material designed for tables and shelves in healthcare facilities and kindergartens. It offers unprecedented softness and aesthetics, and its reliable cushioning properties ensure a sense of safety in facilities. There are four woodgrain colours available. All colours bring warm aura and work together well with welfare facilities and enhance the appearance of the furniture and fixtures with a high design level.


  • Ideal for tables and shelves in health care facilities, kindergartens and nursing homes.
  • Unprecedented softness enhances safety and security.
  • Available in four warm wood grain colours.
  • Ideal for highly-designed furniture and fixtures.


Supply ability 30m roll
Width 22mm・32mm・38mm
Colour Woodgrain
Material non-vinyl chloride resin
Rounding process 30mm R
*The above figures are for reference only.
The above figures are for reference only.
Please be sure to perform sufficient testing and verification under your responsibility.
Delivery lead time 2-5 business days
Cancellation We do not accept any cancelation after the order is placed.
Returns/Changes We do not accept any returns or exchanges.


  • When applying, room temperature should be at least +15°C.
  • Trimming is not available so please use the board panel, which has the same thickness as the standard size of NeoPlus Neo, If you want a finish without excess.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cardboard box to avoid dust and dirt.
  • Perform sufficient testing and verification before application.
    Application conditions may vary depending on the type of hot-melt adhesive used.
    Please Use heat-resistant hot-melt adhesives.
  • We recommend using IPA for wiping off the hot melt adhesives.
  • Depending on what solvent is used, dissolution or discoloration may occur.
    Please check the appropriateness of the solvent before use.
  • Do not use thinner toluene to protect the environment and also the product.
  • When disposing of scrap or waste, please contact a waste management company under the "Waste Disposal and Public Cleansing Law."
  • We reserve the right to make changes in the specifications of or discontinue products at any time without notice.

Had application

  1. Decide the position of CarePlus Neo adjusted to the center or one side.
  2. Apply rubber adhesive to both the back surface of CarePlus Neo and the board panel and leave it for a while and dry out until it does not stick to your hand.
  3. Please do not stretch the edge when applying.
    If you pull on the edge while applying, it will stretch, and the edge width may become narrower.
  4. After applying, please press down using a roller or rubber/air hammer.

Machine application

  1. Feed speed (approx. 10M/min.), and we recommend you to use heat-resistant hot-melt.
  2. Adjust feed speed after positioning Careplus Neo to either center or one side of a board panel.
  3. Please adjust the edge manually if the system does not fix the position to the original after end cutting.

※CarePlus Neo is soft material products and we recommend hand application.

What glue should I use?

Please use a rubber-based adhesive.

Can I trim it?

No, you can’t. If you want a finish without an excess edge, please use the board panel, which has the same thickness as the standard size of Neoplus neo. If there are no boards of the exact size available, please perform the one side adjustment application or center adjustment application.

What is the minimum bend radius?

(Depending on the processing conditions) The recommended minimum radius for curved surface mounting is about 30mm-50mm radius.

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